A Community Mapping Project created by the
Age Advantage Association of Nova Scotia


The Annapolis Community Mapping Project is five years old this year. Created and maintained by volunteers, it is a collaboration with NSCC / COGS - Nova Scotia Community College’s Centre for Geographic Sciences - and students and instructors from that notable County institution.

Thanks to a 150 Forward grant from the Nova Scotia Department of Community, Culture and Heritage, the Annapolis Community Mapping Project this year shines a spotlight on J.B. Hall and Major James Church.

Without their partnership, their vision, and perseverance, our Project would have been impossible. The Centre for Geographic Sciences would have been impossible.

It is an unlikely partnership story: they never met, it was merest chance that they had Lawrencetown, Annapolis County, in common. Major Church retired there 3 years after Mr. Hall passed away there. It is still a matter for conjecture why Hall left a legacy directed to building a vocational school in rural Annapolis County. Likewise, it is unclear how and when Church learned of the bequest. Nonetheless, it was the Major who, three decades later, achieved what Hall had envisioned.

The Age Advantage Association welcomes you here to explore our County through the maps our volunteers created, and to learn more about J.B. Hall and Major James Church. The short version is here.